eight [eit]
    adj.八的 num.八,八個,第八 n.八字形


A universe of ineffable gaudiness spun itself out in his brain while the clock ticked on the wash-stand and the moon soaked with wet light his tangled clothes upon the floor.
Northeastwards from yangpachen you will be always accompanied by the rolling snowovered mountains and endless grasslands on your way.
Talk with the delegation from the party of the national liberation front of the democratic people's republic of algeria april211980
Between1988and1998 the net output or value-added of the services sector grew strongly by an annual average of12per cent in value terms.
Reagan was a shoo-in in the1984presidential election.
The average wage rate for employees up to the supervisory level including daily-rated and monthly-rated employees fell by0.8per cent in money terms between september1998and september1999.
It carried an average of2.3million passengers per weekday in1998.
Everything seemed at sixes and sevens.
One octopus has eight tentacles.
Serial panendoscopy in the following years discovered double pylorus formation in1992and1993.
A small flute; pitched an octave above the standard flute.
Shanghai the country's commercial hub ranked eighth followed by the national capital beijing. Chengdu capital of southwestern sichuan province rounded out the list.
The chinese biggest mountainous region safari park--beijing badaling wild animal world is one according to shan erjian the large-scale natural ecology park the area6000chinese acres it located at the world famous badaling great wall under foot the close neighbor badaling highway rides in a carriage from the urban district only needs40minutes the good communications.
Products: baji peanuts pure peanut oil.
Xie fangde's sentence rhetoric thoughts was mainly: long sentences and short sentences are synthesiaed; word class are change; add words at the end sentence; use order-sentences; etc which have unique views.



一萬千   eighteen thousand

一式份   octuplicate

一日小時勞動制   eight-hours'' day

七十規則   Rule of 78

七零落   be all over the place

婦女節   women''s day

紅旗手   March-Eighth Red-Banner Pacesetter

紅旗手活動   activity of March 8 Red-Banner Pacesetter

面體   triakisoctahedron; trioctahedron

面體片   trioctahedral sheet面體中心全部或幾乎全部)被鎂或亞鐵等二價陽離子佔據的面體片。

三角三面體   triakisoctahedron

不停地胡說道   drivel on

中國寶飯   Chinese rice pudding

牌汽車   Ninety-Eight

牌汽車   Ninety-Eight

亂七槽   in confront

亂七糟   all in a huddle; all in a tumble; at sixes and sevens; in a litter; in confusion; in random fashion

亂七糟的   haywire

亂七糟的狀態   muck

二-進制   binary-coded octal

面體片   dioctahedral sheet主要由三價的鋁或鐵等陽離子組成的面體片,其中陽離子只能佔據約2/3的中心位置。

二十宿   twenty-eight lunar mansions中國古代在黃赤道帶附近所選取的28組恒星,用來作為量度日、月、五星及其他天體 包括其他恒星) 的位置的相對標誌。每組星稱為宿,總稱二十宿。印度和阿拉伯民族古代也有自己的二十宿。

二十烷   octacosane

二十酸   octacosanoic acid

二苯基十冠六聚乙醚   diphenyl-18-crown-6-polyether

二進位一進制變換   binary to octal conversion

二進位編碼進制   binary coded octad

二進位編碼的進制   binary-coded octal

五十烷   octapentacontane

五角三面體   pentagonal icositetrahedron, pentagonal trioctahedron