Tibetan ceremonial scarf ("khata"), usually white and of silk, which holds special significance in terms of etiquette and expression of appreciation, playing an important role in traditional Tibetan and Mongolian culture

tibetan [ti'betәn]
    adj.西藏的,藏族的,藏族人的 n.西藏語,西藏人,藏族人

ceremonial [seri'mәuniәl]
    n.儀式 adj.正式的

scarf [ska:f]
    n.圍巾,頭巾領巾,嵌接,嵌接處,切口 v.圍(圍巾),披(頭巾)嵌接

usually [ju:ʒuәli]

white [wait; (-) hwait]
    n.白色,蛋白,白種人 adj.白(色)的,白種人的

silk [silk]


special [speʃ(ә)l]
    n.特派員,專車,專刊 adj.特別的,特殊的,專門的,專用的

significance [sig'nifikәns]

terms [tə:mz]
    n [pl] 1 (a) conditions offered or accepted (提出的或接受的)條件: peace terms 和平條件 * according to the terms of the contract 按照合同的條件. (b) payment offered or asked (付出的或索要的)報酬, 代價: hire-purchase on easy terms 優惠的分期付款 * enquire about terms for renting a house 詢問租房子的價錢. 2 way of expressing oneself 表達方式; 措辭; 說法: protest in the strongest terms 以最強硬的措詞抗議 * He referred to your work in terms of high praisein percentage terms. 那些數字是以百分數表示的. on equal terms => equal. on one's ownsb else decides 按個人[他人]決定的條件

etiquette [etiket]

expression [ɪkˈspreʃən]
    n 1 (a) [U] action or process of expressing (express3 1) 表示; 表達: She gave expression to her sadness, ie said or showed how sad she was. 她流露出了悲傷之情. * The school encourages free expression in art, drama and creative writing. 學校鼓勵師生在藝術、 戲劇和文學創作上自由發揮. * The scenery was beautiful beyond expression, ie too beautiful to describe. 那景色妙不可言. * The poet's anger finds expression (ie a means of expressing itself) in the last line of the poem. 詩人在詩中最後一行把憤怒宣洩出來. (b) [C] (fml 文) instance or example of this 表示; 表達: expressions of welcome to the queen 對女王歡迎的表示 * They greeted the president with many expressions of pleasure. 他們興高采烈地歡迎總統. 2 [C] look on a person's face that shows a mood or feeling 神色; 表情: a happy expression 愉快的神情 * `I don't understand,' he said, with an expression of complete surprise (on his face). `我不明白,'他說時(臉上)顯出驚訝的神色. 3 [U] showing feeling for the meaning when playing music or speaking (演奏樂曲或說話時流露出的)感情: recite a poem with expression 帶感情地朗讀詩歌 * She puts great expression into her violin playing. 她的小提琴演奏感情充沛. 4 [C] word or phrase 詞; 詞語: `Shut up' (meaning `Stop talking') is not a polite expression. `閉嘴'(意為`別說話')不是禮貌用語. * slang expressions 俚語. 5 [C] (mathematics 數) group of symbols expressing a quantity 式; 運算式: 3xy2 is a mathematical expression. 3xy2是數學式

appreciation [әpri:ʃi'eiʃ(ә)n]

playing [pleiŋ]

important [im'pɔ:tәnt]

role [rәul]


Hadacheck might seem to suggest that the impact of a regulation on private individuals is irrelevant to determining constitutionality.
But hadad still only a boy fled to egypt with some edomite officials who had served his father.
The hader and laetolil hominids appear to be unique.
Mr.hadacheck was the owner of a brickyard in that area.he alleged that he had purchased the land when it was well outside the city limits and not near any residential district.
And I will send a fire into the house of hazael burning up the great houses of ben-hadad.
So the lord sent hadad the edomite to make trouble for solomon: he was of the king's seed in edom.
It should be noted that hadacheck was decided at a time when the supreme court was much more willing than it is today to strike down state statutes regulating economic activities.



哈達呢   Hada crepe

哈達山羊板皮   Hada raw goat skin

哈達馬特變換矩陣   hadamard transform matrix

手抖哈達春剪羊毛   handshaken hada spring clipped sheepwool

手抖哈達春剪花羊毛   handshaken hada spring clipped sheepwool,mixed

過輪哈達秋剪綿羊毛   willowed hada autumn clipped sheepwool