base [beis]
    n.底部,基礎,根據地,基地,本部,基數,(運動)出發點 vt.以...作基礎,基於... adj.卑鄙的,低級的

foundation [faun'deiʃ(ә)n]

basic [beisik]
    n.基本,要素,基礎;adj.基本的,鹼性的;Beginner's All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code,初學者通用符號指令代碼


You have talked about the modern physics several times that we all had ever learned about as it was the source and primogenitor of science why could it question the objectiveness in reverse?
The polar base completed there last year has on average the least wind the lowest temperatures and the driest air of any human outpost.
Conclusion while designing the attachment retained distal extension removable partial denture the splinted abutment span should not be too long.
A novel overlay and playing system based on vfw method is presented.
-And let it percolate down to the bedrock-
1pavement Works: paving of residual road surface subbase course base layer and oil way of the whole line.
1. A new algorithm based on diagonal pilot structure is proposed for ofdm systems channel estimation.this method fully uses the pilot message of the time axis the sequence axis and the proximate euclidian distance which is not only suitable to slow time varying channel but to fast one.
"1.in Conformity with their obligations under the conventions of the universal postal union and in accordance with the basic principles of their domestic legal systems the parties shall adopt measures to suppress the use of the mails for illicit traffic and shall co-operate with one another to that end."
The main results were as follows: 1. A rapid and simple dna extraction method for rapd analyses from the pine needles was reported.and the improved ctab subarea method was used for the first time for genomic dna isolation from pine needle.
1. A new criterion to decide whether the carboxy group coordinating to the metallic ion in mono or bi dentate-fashion in an ambiguous situation base on coordination bond distances and angles.
1.subject To the provisions of article6 equivalent measurements of support shall be calculated in respect of all basic agricultural products where market price support as defined in annex3exists but for which calculation of this component of the ams is not practicable.
A blast at a chemical plant upstream on november13th released100tons of benzene and nitrobenzene into the river.
"Some members of the working party also raised concerns that many non? Tariff measures were imposed by sub? National authorities in china on a non? Transparent discretionary and discriminatory basis."
13.listing Recommendation protocol signed between the listing sponsor and the funds manager;
The next day we set sail from there and arrived off kios.the day after that we crossed over to samos and on the following day arrived at miletus.



因一多肽假說   one-gene one-polypeptide hypothesis

因一酶假說   one-gene one-enzyme hypothesis

一氨酸   monoamino-acid

一氯二乙鋁   aluminium diethyl monochloride

一般業務金   general operating fund

一般債券金   general bonded-debt fund

一般公債金   general bonded debt fund

一般固定資產金   general fixed assets fund

一般金   general fund

一般物資供應金   general supply fund

一般路   general subgrade,ordinary subgrade


鹵   butyl halide

型熱熔膠   butyl hot melt adhesive

橡膠   butyl rubber

橡膠密封膠   butyl rubber sealant

磷酸二丁酯   dibutyl butylphosphonate

磷酸二異戊酯   di-iso-amyl butylphosphonate

磺酸丙酯   propyl butyl sulfonate

羅丹明   butyl rhodamine

茴香醚   butyl hydroxy anisol

苯粉   butyl phenol

醚   butyl ether

黃原酸鹽   butyl xanthate俗稱"丁黃藥"。

黃原酸鈉   sodium n-butyl-xanthate

七甲壬烷   heptamethylnonane

三丁氟化錫   tributyl tin fluoride

三丁氧化膦   tributylphosphine oxide

三乙矽烷   triethyl-silicane

三乙鉛   triethyl methyl lead