to whitewash
    to plaster

whitewash [waitwɔʃ]
    n.石灰水,白色塗料,白粉膠泥水,塗脂抹粉 vt.用石灰水把...刷白

plaster [pla:stә(r); (-) 'plæstәr]
    n.石膏,灰泥,膏藥,橡皮膏 vt.塗以灰泥,敷以膏藥,減輕,粘貼,重創


The waters flowing over the limestone and chalk have over thousands of years deposited travertine barriers creating natural dams which in turn have created a series of beautiful lakes caves and waterfalls.
Correlation of cretaceous oceanic red beds in turkey caucasus and himalaya.
The tan lu fault zone turned into a huge extensional structure during late cretaceous to eogene leading to a series of development of fault bounded basins.
Nearly half of wiltshire's chalk grassland was ploughed up to grow corn.
Sedimentary facies and paleontology are synthetically analyzed in order to clarify the evolution and paleo climate of shichuan basin during jurassic and cretaceous.
However for all of the early hybrid rice combinations it is necessary to shorten the growth duration decrease the chalky rice percentage and improve the disease resistance especially the resistance to rice blast.
Yanqi basin is stituated between tarim basin and tarpan-harmi basin.its petrolenm system underwent the formation and destruction during jurassic cretaceous the activation and reconstruction during tertiary quaternary.
Paleogeographic data suggest the first occurrence of the taihangshan gravity lineament was initially formed during the early cretaceous which is coeval with the peak of mesozoic magmatism in this region.
Climatological data from fossil pollen leaves and wood indicate that the cretaceous forests of northern alaska consisted of a mixed canopy that included deciduous conifers with an understory of flowering plants ferns and cycads.
This paper analyzes the sedimentation and the occurrence of the strata in wuxia area and suggests that wuxia area underwent the development of foreland basin of early permian the overthrust nappe of late permian the strong structural uplift of late triassic the weak structural activity of late jurassic and the structural shape of cretaceous followed by finally forming the configuration nowadays.
During the three years it took to tunnel under the channel the1575-tonne tunnelling machines guided by laser beams cut through nearly a kilometre of chalk marl a month almost50metres below the seabed.
The baikal rift system was formed due to faulting on the late cretaceous? Eocene.epoch planation surface base.
The cretaceous is a typical period for greenhouse climate in geological history and has become an important paleoclimate simulation period in international paleoclimate modeling community.
The upper cretaceous and paleogene are of continental sediments in henan province and the boundary between them considered to be unconformable or disconformable because of the very difference in sedimentation and biological assemblages.
Volatiles from two gymnosperm fossils: miocene leaves of metasequoia glyptostroboides and early cretaceous seed cone of pityostrobus spp.



化座   chalk

幼蟲白病   chalk brood幼蟲白

樟腦化白   camphorated chalk

泥灰質白   chalk marl

清潔用白   cleaning chalk


用白塗白   chalk


土   chalky clay

硝肥   nitrochalk

粉   chalk powder

系   Cretaceous System

紀   Cretaceous Period

紙   chalk paper

釉質白斑   enamel opaque spot