it [it]
    pron.它;Italy,義大利;Information Technology,資訊技術


The sorted-out master copy of collected works of yang sichang is the hereditary old copy of collected works of mr.
You have talked about the modern physics several times that we all had ever learned about as it was the source and primogenitor of science why could it question the objectiveness in reverse?
"It has completely transformed the landscape of lyon--everywhere you see people on the bikes" said jean-louis touraine the city's deputy mayor.
Explorer1 the first satellite sent into orbit by the u.s. discovered the innermost van allen radiation belt.
-And let it percolate down to the bedrock-
... Unless you ri refueling.
... The chowder being surpassingly excellent we despatched it with great expedition...
... So he'd never get his foot caught in a mutuel machine.
... Is a vestige of the vox popuii now vacant vanished.
01is A first-semester freshman physics class in newtonian mechanics fluid mechanics and kinetic gas theory.
Like a painter's palette colours are represented in a gouache or watercolour mode emphasizing the importance of irregularity and complexity in dying processes.
1.earthwork Balance scheme made in the construction management plan shall be followed in the course of construction the excavated earthwork is better to be used for backfilling and leveling of construction site and as the planting soil for backfilling to landscape; spoil produced during laying pipeline shall be transported to other section for backfilling construction site and serving as planning soil to landscape.
1.27 "Cost" means all expenditure properly incurred or to be incurred whether on or off the site including overhead and other charges properly allocable thereto but dose not include any allowance for profit.
"12.any Other failure of the permanent way or of any machinery plant or equipment which endangers or could endanger the safe operation of the railway."
The true intention of making bao-jia involved in the autonomy was to consolidate country power.in fact the autonomy was just a fig leaf.



一切其風險   all other perils

不動產與其財產   real estate and properties

不理   left to itself

不要去管   leave well alone; leave well enough alone; left well alone; left well enough alone

與其貨物相接觸   contact with other cargo

與其監貨物接觸受損   damage through contact with other cargo

為其公司代收欠款的公司   collection agency

企業成果的其調整   other adjustement of operating result

企業組織的其形式   other forms of business organization

充分理解   understand it in its proper latitude

先于生產的產品作為材料   product of a previous production as materials

一切危險   any other perils

保險條款   other insurance clause

函件   other items

危險   other peils

因素不變,其數值不變,其餘情況保持不變,其他情況均同   ceteris paribus

審計手續   other auditing procedures

對角數學   other diagonal entry

開支   miscellanceous cost

情況不變   ceteris paribus

支出   other expenses

支出預算   other expenses budget

收入   other income; other revenue

收入預算   other income budget

雜項收入   other miscellaneous receipts

條件都相同   under otherwise identical conditions

的服務系統應用   other service system applications

財務報表   other financial reports

責任   other liability

資產   other assets