[chāyì xìng]

difference [difrәns]
    n.差異,差別,分歧,爭論,[數]差額,差分 adj.[數]微分的,[機]差動的


Shiding means the stone looks like an ancient cooking vessel which is formed by the differential weathering of strong upper and weak lower of adamellite formed2.4billion years ago.
This paper is an attempt to illustrate their general character as early folk oral literature and to explore the historical and cultural origins that lead to their dissimilarities.
Are there any comparability and difference between the top writers?
All tourist destinations have such three characteristics as combination complexity and differentia.
The identity of sports motives is mainly presented in five aspects namely mood adjustment entertainment thrill seeking keeping fit and social communication while the discrepancy of sports motives is shown in five aspects namely earning credits preventing and treating diseases maintaining a good figure self defense and abreaction.
In order to resolve the variability in time it is proposed to apply self re"-cording instruments and deploy them for a spring-neap tide cycle of14days.
The reasons of the waist injury came from the particularity of the technical structure the super-extensibility of spinal column and waist segment the imbalance of the technical level the differences of collective events and individual events and the discordance of change display of the form and the function etc.
So the comparative literature research should turn from commonness to difference.
According to the complex behavior of strip foundation beams of pile the internal stress distribution of foundation beams is influenced by the indetermination and random of the bearing capacity of pile foundations under the beams.
With the cross cultural comparison research method this article analyzed the cultural adaptation mentality and the influence factors for the aoluguya ewenke hunters who have walked out the forest and then profoundly revealed the intercommunity and the cultural difference of the human's behavior which will provide scientific basis for the cultural adaptation of aoluguya ewenke hunters in the social and cultural changes.
A systematic comparison is made between the tourism scenery of danxia landform and that of karst land-form by introducing their similarity and diversity in development condition spatial distribution physical scenery and human scenery.
These similarities are then examined against measured environmental variables to link differences in species composition with algal cover increased sedimentation etc.
Difference is the basic property of the cultural connotations of the corresponding words in chinese and english animal lexicon.
The information asymmetry between organizations and the otherness between inhomogeneous subjects are the main reasons to arise interface obstacles of technology transfer between organizations.
The peak looks spectacular like a suddenly waked lion to rush out of the mountain which is formed by sphericity and differentiating weathering of adamellite of2.4billion years old.