small table

small [smɔ:l]

table [teib(ә)l]
    n.桌子,餐桌,工作臺,平地層,石板,表格 adj.桌子的,檯子的 vt.擱置,嵌合,製錶


The sst form is used to specify and equip several subsystems associated with flexent? Autoplex wireless network.
Sold for15guineas to the marquess of steyne.
Triz comprises various systematic techniques-inventive principles; psychological inertia overpass system; physical chemical and geometric effects; substance-field and functional analysis; technological ideality concept; technology forecasting etc.
Both z-and e-12-14c: ac can elicit eag potential of a few mv respectively; however the compound z-12-14c: ac was about10times more active than the compound e-12-14c: ac.
A policeman with plain clothes stood a dozen paces behind me watching me.
A recording of almost supersonic realism
"A man may acquire great knowledge of topics unconnected with his daily work and yet hardly get any benefit or relief."
The serious-minded housemaid is not content to do what she is told to do.she has an unexpended balance of energy.she wants to be a general household reformer.
A person with a visual handicap severe enough to leave them unemployable.
One species: saw palmetto.
When one reads a number of good authors and feels that one author describes things very vividly that another shows great tenderness of delicacy a third expresses things exquisitely a fourth has an indescribable charm a fifth one's writing is like good whiskey a sixth one's is like mellow wine he should not be afraid to say that he likes them and appreciates them if only his appreciation is genuine.
A clerk could feed8000cards a day through his tabulator and the census office saved months of processing time.
Large books perhaps even sets of books can be put on a single microchip.
Some sessions like the one pictured above drew hundreds of attendees and left standing-room only.
Once we had finished making the ouija board we start off with a few never-used candles around us in a circle.



一個或個合夥人無償債能力   one on more partness personally insolvent

一個頂個   be a host in herself; be a host in himself; be a host in hisself; be a host in itsself; be a host in ourself; be a host in themselves; be a host in yourself; be a host in yourselves

一筆保險涉及張保單時按比例分攤責任的條款   pro rata liability clause

一連小時   for hours together

一連星期   for weeks together

一連好代   for generations

一階何連續   G1 continuity俗稱"G1連續"。

萬能何測微儀   universal geometrical micrometer

與...乎沒有別   little more than

且舉種   to mention a few

丟番圖何   Diophantine geometry

中間沒個   few of

個例子   to name only a few

九十   the nineties

二階何連續   G2 continuity俗稱"G2連續"。

互補何規劃   complementary geometric programming

僅舉個例子   to name a few; to name only a few

付款後……個月   months after payment MP)

代數何學   algebraic geometry

以儲備資產和種債務彌補的差額   financed by reserve assets and selected liabilities

以美國為權數的何平均指數   geometric mean of U.S. weighted index

仿射何學   affine geometry

仿射微分何 學   affine differential geometry

位置精度何因數   position dilution of precision, PDOP

作最後筆   put the last hand to

使感到老了好歲   put years on

便宜分錢   cents off

信息何   information geometry

全球何法衛星三角測量   wordwide geometric satellite trangulation

公路何設計   highway geometric design