to respond to an emergency
    to meet a contingency

emergency [i'mә:dʒәnsi]

respond [ri'spɔnd]
    v.回答,回應,作出反應 vi.有反應


Engineering and hydro-geological data shall be studied and analyzed carefully prior to construction risk evaluation shall be prepared to formulate complete construction technique plan combining with field practical conditions and staff organization and the storage of technique materials and machineries shall be well made combining with various emergency rescue plans to avoid geological hazards.
The uvula nature's emergency exit.
We'd carried out running repairs to the tyre with our emergency kit.
Besides the more obvious broadcast emergency and mobile radio services there are cellular and cordless telephones radar garage door openers and other remote controls telemetry and amateur and cb radio.
Safety device testing for emergency diesel generator.
Emergency treatment staff shall wear self-contained breathing apparatus and gas-protection suit.
Emergency preparedness and response officer;
Centre for emergency preparedness and response;
Chinese ready new york seminar was held in chinatown.the events was organized by american red cross of greater new york and co-sponsored by ccba cpc and chinatown ymca.
The local people's governments concerned shall in accordance with the emergency preplan for destructive earthquakes see to it that the relevant departments mobilize the community to make good preparations for disaster relief and rescue.
In saudi arabia guatemala and the virgin islands the laws generally require an emergency spare wheel.
The article analyses cause of example of drop anchor and weigh anchor probe into proper method and emergency measure of anchor operation as a guidance for master and ship's officers.
This paper proposes an analysis of the combined threats of spontaneous crisis and information war and an integrated mobilisation mechanism to tackle the threats.
This ranges from immediate aid on the phone to giving an immediate starting signal for a service technician or spare parts delivery.
To draw up the emergency preplan and instruct company to control and reduce the loss during crisis so as to protect the business of company and the interests of the related personnel.



臨時應急電源   temporary emergency source of electrical power

臨時性應急上訴法院   temporary contingency appeal court

臨震應急措施   earthquake contingency measure; emergency measure at the point of an earthquake

臨震應急期   earthquake emergency period

臨震應急狀態   state of earthquake emergency

臨震應急計畫   earthquake contingency plan

主機故障應急處理   main engine fault emergency manoeuvre

人力應急操舵試驗   manual emergency steering test

人力應急起錨試驗   manual emergency anchoring test

儀錶板應急照明電門   emergency panel lights switch

可擕式應急收發信機   portable emergency transceiver

共用應急計算中心   shared contingency computer center

冷態應急起動   emergency cold starting

冷態應急起動試驗   emergency cold starting test

發電機跳電應急處理   generator blackout emergency manoeuvre

地區應急分隊   regional response team

地方應急規劃委員會   Local Emergency Planning Committee

地震臨震應急   pre-earthquake emergency

地震應急機構   seismic emergency agency

地震應急法規   seismic emergency regulation

地震應急預案   seismic emergency programming

增壓系統應急鼓風機   turbocharging emergency blower

應急   suit the exigence

應急互接   emergency interconnection; emergency interconnection

應急交換   emergency exchange

應急供應   supply a gap

應急供氧設備   emergency oxygen equipment

應急供電   emergency service

應急供電匯流排   emergency bus

應急供電網   emergency network