to dig
    to excavate
    to scoop out

dig [dig]

excavate [ekskәveit]


They're digging for worms joe.
Lived in the cave or tent through dragging and transporting piggyback they constructed reservoir digged canals leveled fields planted forest belt built houses constructed roads established a huge area of fine farms produced brand new cities one by one.
And he said take these seven lambs from me as a witness that I have made this water-hole.
Racking his brain trying to think of a way to trip up the oldster he had started off on a monologue about all the places he had been to during the early days of the "cultural revolution."
He dug the ground with a spade.
In order to open the pressurized chamber for cutter head repairing this technology is adopted to consolidate the river-bed ground and to construc t the cutter head repairing cavern.
A worker who excavates for foundations of buildings or for quarrying.
To smart from a cruel joke.
Having reinforcing ahead of excavation:
State-of-the-art design compact dimensions and a multitude of working attachments make the wheeled excavator a314litronic one of the most appealing machines in the14-ton class.
One day the boy monk felt extremely tired while he was carrying water up the hill.so he lay down for a rest on a smooth piece of rock.in a semi-conscious state he heard a gurgling sound coming from beneath the rock.so he started digging and presently a spring came gushing out.
A snapping turtle digs a hole in the sandy soil with her back claws.
And on all hills that shall be digged with the mattock there shall not come thither the fear of briers and thorns: but it shall be for the sending forth of oxen and for the treading of lesser cattle.
And he went through the motions of thrashing an imaginary boy--pummelling the air and kicking and gouging.
To work with a pick.



萬能泥機   universal dredger

  up digging掘設備對其站立水準以上的礦岩進行的掘。

式鏈鬥掘機   bucket excavator for upward scraping

  down digging掘設備對其站立水準以下的礦岩進行的掘。

式鏈鬥掘機   bucket excavator for downward scraping

中樁填高度   height of cut and fill at center stake

喬板式泥船   n. scraper dredger

人力泥機   hand dredger

人工成的蓄水池   dewpond

企業潛改造基金   funds for tapping the potential of present enterprises and financing their technical transformation

伸縮式液壓土機   hydraulic telescopic excavator

伸縮鏟掘機   telescopic boom excavator

側吊杆泥船   n. side-boom dredge

全回轉式掘機   swing excavator

式斷面   full cut section

全斷面開   full-face digging

全斷面開法   full-face tunneling method

全液壓履帶式掘機   full hydraulic crawler excavator

全液壓掘機   all-hydraulic excavator full-hydraulic excavator

全轉式反鏟土機   full-revolving back hoe excavator

內燃掘機   Diesel shovel

分部開法   partial excavation method

切割掘機   cutter lifter

到處抓   scratch about

刺繡剪機   embroidery clipping machine

剪絨花綿羊皮褥子   sheared & designed sheep skin plate

加撐開   excavation with timbering

動力掘機   power digger

動力臂式溝機   power arm ditcher

升運式掘機   elevator digger