(downwards-right concave character stroke)
    press down firmly

concave [kɔnkeiv]
    adj.凹的,凹入的 n.凹,凹面

character [kæriktә(r)]
    n.(事物的)特性,性質,特徵(的總和),(人的)品質,字元,性格,特徵,人物 vt.寫,刻,印,使具有特徵

stroke [strәuk]
    n.擊,敲,報時的鐘聲,(網球等)一擊,(划船等)一劃,(繪畫等)一筆,一次努力,打擊 vt.撫摸

press [pres]
    n.壓,按,印刷,壓力,擁擠,緊握,新聞 vt.壓,壓榨,緊抱,逼迫 vi.壓,逼迫,擁擠,受壓

down [daun]
    adj.向下的 adv.向下,在下麵,下去,降下 prep.往下,沿著 n.絨毛,軟毛,開闊的高地

firmly [fә:mli]


His temper ran away with him and later he regretted what he did.
I couldn't keep down my anger at that time.
You must rein in your temper.
He closed the cupboard and said "oh headache" then pressed an electric bell to summon the servant.
When he did finally manage to pinch one bedbug to death he felt the sweet joy of revenge and now having found his peace of mind he could go to sleep.who could have known that by killing one he had not deterred a hundred more and his whole body still itched.
Next he rose on his hind feet and pranced around in a frenzy of enjoyment with his head over his shoulder and his voice proclaiming his unappeasable happiness.
Conventional genetic engineering needs continual insertion of a stimulant to keep the new gene running.
C.m.knaphle jr. of philadelphia had tried for years to sell fuel to a large chain-store organization.but the chain-store company continued to purchase its fuel from an out-of-town dealer and haul it right past the door of knaphle's office.
His fingers came down with the speed of thunder and lightning on each fresh well-defined itch then picked it up carefully and gingerly only to find that he hadn't caught the biting little pest after all but had wasted his energy and had nothing between his fingers but a small piece of skin.
When elate on a subject he could not avoid talking about it.
So capriciously were the people moved that tears immediately rolled down several ferocious countenances which had been glaring at the prisoner a moment before as if with impatience to pluck him out into the streets and kill him.
He had an almost overwhelming temptation to shout a string of filthy words at the top of his voice.
There are several kinds of duan inkstones such as blue flower stone eye fish brain jelly blood on plantain leaf seven slanting strokes gold and silver thread and icy veins.
The waiter quickly stuck his finger over the tender soft white object and pressing down lightly drew a shiny black oily streak like a freshly poured asphalt road across the filthy surface of the meat.at the same time he said "it's nothing!"
The admirer of judith restrained his impatience the more readily as he perceived that the building was untenanted at the moment.



屍體指紋印   postmortem fingerprinting

住性子   keep my temper; keep your temper; kept their temper; kept your temper

無墨指紋印系統   latent fingerprint recording system

死後指紋印   postmortem fingerprinting