to adopt
    to employ
    to use

adopt [ә'dɔpt]

employ [im'plɔi]
    vt.雇用,用,使用 v.使用 n.雇用


The wd re eide drives use the industry-standard4-pin power connector.
Yc series motor is stereo and of nice appearance.it is made with cold-rolled steel plate and high quality bearing with vibration noise much lower than the national standard.
The confidence tests can also bring more convenience in engineering as that the tests for the percentile and percentage of normal population that are difficult in hypothesis tests can be easily solved by the present method.
Steel wool is not recommended.
Rather than waiting to raise defenses in subsequent cost recovery actions under section107 prps directed early challenges to the selection of remedial actions claiming for example that epa had chosen unreasonably elaborate or expensive remedies.
Prediction methods for different geological hazards are:
The layout of a triangulation system may either be a continuous net as in fig.1-1.
Lifting and dropping of the mechanical arm are realized through ball screw driven by gear motor with belt brake meanwhile double security protection is applied namely at normal operation limit the proximity switch is adopted and at upper or lower limit the stroke switch is available.
Plain concrete is employed for the general equipment foundation and pipe pier.
Plain concrete is employed for the general equipment foundation and pipe pier; and reinforced concrete is used for the foundation of equipment vibrating fairly greatly or largely stressed.
For examples two-path of high-speed floating-point addition booth coding of floating-point multiplication.srt of floating-point division and square root cordic of transcendental function and so on.
A wormhole should be able to connect distant locations in the universe by bending spacetime allowing travel between them that is faster than it would take light to make the journey through normal space.
What classic american liqueur is made from a base of neutral spirits and flavored with peach liqueur fresh peaches and citrus extracts?
A general profile setting up a wave solder machine to optimize reflow using an alcohol base flux.
In1960 an official international body recommended the use of the international system of units.



一系列商品採用的同一商標   blanket brand

採用通知   rejection slip

為...所採用   naturalize in; naturalize into

產品採用程式   adoption process

決定採用   opt in

可以採用   be available to

採用策略的概率   probability of adopting strategy

因為採用   through the use of

採用新技術所造成的失業   technological unemployment

基層選舉一般採用直接選舉的辦法   Dicrect election methods are generally applied to elections at the basic level.

新技術等的採用期   implementation period

新技術採用期   implementation period of new technology

最新近採用的   be recent introductions

用顛倒采水器採用測溫   n. Nansen cast

美國聯邦儲備系統所採用的標準城市統計地區   Standard Metropolitan Statistical Area

採用   introduced into

計量單位的採用   measuring unit assumption

逐步採用   Phase in; phase in

採用   adopt; came into use; come into use; comes into use

採用不正當手段達到目的   whip the devil round the post; whip the devil round the stump

採用值   adopted value

採用先進技術   adopt advanced techniques

採用公制   go metric

採用減法運算的加法   addition by subtraction

採用分時   share time

採用制裁辦法   apply sanctions; use sanctions

採用醫療性強制方法的訴訟程式   proceedings for the application of compulsory measures of a medical character

採用十進位度量衡制   went metric

採用十進位   decimalization

採用衛生和植物檢疫措施的決定   Decision by Contracting Parties on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures