general [dʒenәr(ә)l]
    n.普通,將軍,概要 adj.一般的,普通的,綜合的,概括的,全面的,大體的 n.常規

approximate [ә'prɔksimeit]
    adj.近似的,大約的 v.近似,接近,接近,約計


There are about20000different species of spider on the planet and only about50are venomous.
Conceptual plan offers references for compositions of forest park natural park ecological wet land park scenic spot urban park urban green land landscape of highway and conceptual plan of tourism and etc.
The average person battles the scourge of allergy season with a small arsenal of pills drops and inhalers to the tune of$ 120a year.
Any new scientific theory is a summation of practical experience.
The q or quality factor of an oscillatory system is a very widely used term.
One private school served notice when it opened that "no person shall be considered as eligible who shall not be moving in the circle of gentlemen no retail trader being allowed in any circumstances to be so considered."
A soldierly english retired officer.
Some concepts are difficult to verbalize.
The notion of an indefinite and unlimited "war on terror" became the fulcrum of us foreign policy.
A standard that is very similar to the rda is the u.s.rda.the u.s.rda concept and values were established in1974by the food and drug administration to serve as the basis on which nutrition labeling of foods would be done.
Court finds this risk intolerable in a case like gibson where an individual stands accused of wrongdoing-perhaps because the private interest in procedural fairness is at its zenith in accusatory proceedings.
Accordingly the concept of economy has also gone beyond the original level of material goods and an economic meaning has been rendered to social status knowledge symbols and significance of human beings.
Instead of spending a day in the copy room professors can upload class syllabi track student progress update homework assignments post academic papers and dissertations and track the achievements of the department's alumni all online.
The theoretical prototype and central thesis in the study of the rural modernization of china: a perspective of "social basis"
It analyzes the impact of the philosophy of the yangming school on him and points out the special contribution he made to the literary concepts of the tang-song school by comparing his ideas with those of the above-mentioned people namely wang tang and mao.



全都   without exception

一經售出、不退換   with all faults

一般發明念說   theory of general concepts of invention

一般念   general concept

下態率密度   normal probability density

不可約形   irreducible scheme

不確切念   inexact concepts

不確定念   indefinite concept

與容量成比例的率   probability-proportional-to-size PPS)

個別算   individual approximate estimate

中位數差   probable error of median

臨界率   critical probability

主觀率   subjective probability

主觀率估計   subjective probability estimate

主觀率分佈   subjective probability distribution

主觀率預測法   subjective probability forecast method

瞭解略情況   get the picture; got the picture; gotten the picture

事件出現的率,事件發生的率   probability of occurrence

事件率   probability of occurence

事件率的回歸估計   regression estimation of event probability

事後率,事後機率   posterior probability

事故率   accident probability

事故的要報告   accident experience

二元率分佈   bivariate probability distribution

二元正態率密度函數   bivariate normal probability density function

二次碰撞率方法   quadratic collision probability method

二項式率   binomial probability

二項式率分佈   binomial probability distribution

二項率分佈   binomial probability distribution

二項率紙   binomial probability paper