gas [gæs]
    n.氣體,煤氣,毒氣,汽油,[礦]瓦斯 [軍] Gunners Auxiliary-Sight,炮長輔助瞄準鏡

air [eә(r)]
    n.空氣,樣子,天空,空中,曲調 vt.晾乾,使通風,宣揚,誇耀,顯示

smell [smel]
    n.氣味,臭味,嗅覺 v.嗅,聞到,散發(...的)氣味,有(...的)氣味


It will be clear across the rockies and the great plains.
I say I am pleased to see you! Declared the little man standing dejectedly by the pillar-box.
"I would have liked the infantry" he said passing completely over her insinuation "but when they found that I was a west pointer--though I did not graduate mrs.elsing due to a boyish prank-they put me in the artillery the regular artillery not the militia.
I read you'she said softly.
Shone the may-pole tavern light that evening.
Luckily no one else was up at this early hour.he was able to escape unseen through the postern door.
Like their counterparts forecasting the weather the predictions of oil-industry analysts could be just as wide of the mark and the$ 100barrel of oil could still be some way off.
"Sometimes in the evening I would go out to him and find him in the garden near the oratory sitting absolutely composed on a stone bench there and I'd tell him my troubles the difficulties I had with the slaves how I distrusted the overseer or the weather or my brokers... all the problems that made up the length and breadth of my existence.
"There is no better" the voluble vengeance protested in her shrill notes "in france."
It'll take you a week or so said connolly a bluff westerner in his sixties.
And as wade's face went purple with his squalling she snapped crossly: "give him that sugar-tit in your pocket priss.
"These insects appear in warm wet weather viz early summer and early autumn."
The kyoto climate treaty requires all nations to reduce their carbon emissions so that the negative impacts of climate change can be halted.
... A trainload of dangerous chemical gas went off the rails...
... Spurred by rumours that the overturned tanker cars...



一口   at a breath; at a sitting; at a stretch; at one push; with the same breath

一口喝幹   drank down; drank off; drank up; drunk down; drunk off; drunk up

一口地   at a draught; in one reath

一次空   primary air

  at one go

兒   at a stroke

呵成   at a heat

呵成地   at a dash; at one whack

一氧化碳體檢定儀   carbon monoxide analyzer

一氧化碳煤   n. carbon mono-oxide

一鼓作地   at a dash; at one fling; at one whack

丁烷管   butane fuel gas tube

萬能割機   universal gascutting machine

萬能自動空開關   all-purpose automatic air switch

三工位元流衝擊造型機   impulse moulding machine of three working positions

三極管體雷射器   triode gas laser

三相霧劑   three-phase aerosol

三級支管   tertiary bronchus, parabronchus在鳥類又稱"副支管"。

三級空壓縮機   n. three stage air compressor

三維體火災   three-dimensional gas fire

三腿鋼架支承的排筒   tripod-frame supported vent stack

三角形路程體雷射器   triangular-path gas laser

三軌自作用空軸承浮動塊   tri-rail self-acting air bearing slider

上前門鬃   auxiliary prostigmal seta上前門剛毛

上升或下降流   remous

上升體   n. lifting gar

上升流   up flow

上升的暖流   thermal

上升的煙柱和熱流   thermal column

上層大空間   upper atmosphere