correct [kә'rekt]
    adj.正確的,恰當的,端正的 vt.改正,糾正,告誡,懲戒

right [rait]
    n.正義,公正,正確,權利,右邊,右派 adj.正當的,正確的,對的,合適的,恰當的,健康的,健全的,正面的 adv.正當地,正確地,一直地,直接地,完全地,徹底地,在右邊

so [sәu]
    conj.因而,所以,那麼,這樣看來 adv.[表示程度] 如此,那麼,非常,很,[表示方式] 這樣,那樣,如此,因此 [域] Somalia ,索馬里


"When I was your age young tom" said bounderby "I was punctual or I got no dinner!"
"Genetics is moving so fast" says chris stringer a paleoanthropologist at the natural history museum in london. "It's well ahead of the fossil and historical record."
The sudden popularity of the puggle a dog bred from a pug and a beagle has started up a long-running argument among animal lovers about mixing breeds and species.
There is very much slave work to be done now that the fight is over.
This unconstrained approach plainly left room for odd disparities--as the court demonstrated a few years later when it held despite roth that a ten-day suspension from high school did implicate a liberty interest.goss v.lopez 419u.s.5651975.
"As regards the marchesa corsinari"--"really" said the major "difficulties seem to thicken upon us; will she be wanted in any way?"
The value of harmony of man and nature from which "the golden mean of the confucian school" originated;
Prior to the second half of the twentieth century qomolangma was a forbidden monolith looming in the background up in the sky defying its adventure seekers.
... After the war when you disappeared for some seven years.
... Would be to get into the odessa yourself of course.
... And there's not one course on love.
... Then I'll slip out very discreetly...
... And then I pass the buck to you.
... And requested he talk to some of the other prisoners to see who's most on the ball.
No warranty.-That's sucks.



一目了   seen with half an eye; surveyability

一目了的物證   demonstrative evidence

不以為地   disapprovingly

不利的自條件   natural handicap

不包括自損耗   excluding natural loss

不可抗拒性質的自現象   natural phenomenon of an irresistible character

不可抗拒的自力   act of god

不可避免性質的自現象   natural phenomenon of an inevitable character

不是偶   it can not happen that; it did not happen that; it must not happen that; it should not happen that; it will not happen that; it would not happen that

就   or else

的話   if not; or else

不能再生的自資源   nonrenewable natural resources

不自的   cut and dried; non natural

不自的舉止   airs and graces

與...偶相遇   meet up with

與...截不同   in contradistinction to

世界自資源保護   world conservation

中華人民共和國自保護區條例   Regulations on the Nature Protection Regions of the People''s Republic of China

中國石油天氣勘探開發公司   China Oil and Natural Gas Exploration and Exploitation Corporation

中外合作勘探開發自資源合同   contract for Sino-foreign joint exploration and exploitation of natural resources

為延期收款而填遲發票日期   dated billing

為避免貶值或追求更高利潤突轉移另一國的遊資   hot money

習慣成自   habit is second nature

書面自語言處理   written natural language processing

事實既如此   such being the case

于未   in the egg

交易突興隆   spurt

人口的自增長   natural population growth

人口自增長率   natural population growth rate; natural population increase

人口自流動統計法   vital statistics technique