to extinguish
    to put out (fire)
    to quench

extinguish [ik'stiŋgwiʃ]

put [put]
    vt.放,擺,安置,表達,迫使,移動,提出,賦予 vi.出發,航行,發芽,擊 n.擲,投擊,笨蛋,怪人 vbl.put的過去式和過去分詞 adj.固定不動的

out [aut]
    adj.外面的,下臺的,出局的 adv.在外,出聲地,顯露出來地,明顯地,從頭至尾地 n.外面,外出,外觀 vt.趕出,擊倒,使退場 vi.外出,暴露 prep.通過

fire [faiә(r)]
    n.火,爐火,火災,失火,閃光,炮火,熱情,激情 vt.點燃,燒制,使發光,給(爐子等)加燃料,放槍,激動,<口>解雇 vi.開槍,射擊,著火,燒火,激動


Put out my raging fire
Just like landing a fixed wing plane model auto rotation is a very attractive maneuvor especially inverted auto.
Light will be off at23:00 only small night lamp are allowed to be on after.
Run-on tab and run-off tab are not allowed on parent metal outside welding area.spots outside welding area shall be completely removed by grinding and mt is required to indicate cracks after grinding if necessary.repair all cracks found as per welding process if required.
Once the vehicle voltage is within the permissible voltage range again the abs system is switched back on and the indicator lights go out.
Once the vehicle voltage is within the permissible voltage range again the psm system is switched back on and the indicator lights go out.
A puff of wind blew out the candle.
The engine gave a sputter and died.
Composed of micro diamonds aluminum oxide and silicon carbide the isotopic distribution of these grains bore the telltale marks of their birth: ancient supernovas and red giant stars that shone brightly and then flickered out billions of years ago before the birth of the solar system.
Hurley t.c. "the lights are out in the city on the hill: wayland massachusetts." 1994.
In the allotted time to identify30cigarettes and use water gun attacks extinguished all the cigarettes that water at only35hair and the smoke is30.
This paper analyses the heat absorption and evaporation process of the droplet the combustion characteristic of motor spirit and ethanol motor spirit and oxygen concentration of motor spirit and ethanol motor spirit was measured from burning to self extinguishing in the enclosed space.
It continues to haunt us to stalk us and as we try to silence it with reason and maturity we find that indeed it is a fire within our bones and it will not yield.
Where no wood is there the fire goeth out: so where there is no talebearer the strife ceaseth.
The instinct of self-preservation warned him to batten down his hatches to smother the fire with want of air.



一點一點地滅   smoulder out

產生滅脈衝的光電管   blanking gate photocell

使...滅   blacken out

使火不滅   keep in a fire

捲煙滅試驗法   Cigarette Extinction Test Method

滅的   quenchable

  blow out; blow-out; blowout; blow-off

噴油弧式脈衝斷路器   oil blow-up type impulse breaker

完全火   complete extinction

富油火   rich extinction

將火悶   suffocate the fire

滅   burn low

局部放電滅電壓   partial discharge extinction voltage

滅的   extinct

滅的燈標   extinguished light

已經滅的火   annihilated fire

幀回描滅週期   frame suppression period

滅脈衝放大器   frame-blanking amplifier

幹法焦   dry quenching of coke

平肝風   calming the liver to stop the wind


冒著煙的火   quench smoking flax

  stub out

搖搖曳曳地滅   flicker out

無法滅的   slakeless

液冷型機動車排氣火花滅器   coolant exhaust spark arrester of vehicle

漸漸地搖曳著滅   putter out

漸漸滅   gutter out

滋陰風   nourish yin and extinguish wind

火星滅器   spark arrester