to send out
    to show (one's feeling)
    to issue

send [send]

out [aut]
    adj.外面的,下臺的,出局的 adv.在外,出聲地,顯露出來地,明顯地,從頭至尾地 n.外面,外出,外觀 vt.趕出,擊倒,使退場 vi.外出,暴露 prep.通過

show [ʃәu]
    n.表示,展覽,炫耀,外觀,假裝 v.出示,指示,引導,說明,顯示,展出,放映

one [wʌn]
    pron.一個人,任何人,一方 num.一,一個 adj.一方的,某一,同樣的

feeling [fi:liŋ]
    n.觸覺,知覺,感覺,情緒,同情 adj.富於感情的,富於同情心的,衷心的,有同情心的,有感覺的,仁慈的


I know what I'm talking about because I had some cousins who married each other and I give you my word their children all turned out as popeyed as bullfrogs poor things.
"I want" said scarlett surveying herself carefully in the mirror "a bottle of cologne water.you can wash my hair and rinse it with cologne.
Sidewinder an air-to-air missile bearing the name of a rattlesnake is launched from a fighter plane.
Phs is originally prohibited expressly by the government but it is actaully tacitly approved.as a result the number of phs users grows to over seventy million.
Engine: a machine that converts energy into mechanical force or motion.
"Workplace injuries are more likely when one is angry" vinson says. Remarkably he adds anger was not linked to traffic or fall injuries.
"Sometimes in the evening I would go out to him and find him in the garden near the oratory sitting absolutely composed on a stone bench there and I'd tell him my troubles the difficulties I had with the slaves how I distrusted the overseer or the weather or my brokers... all the problems that made up the length and breadth of my existence.
"Foolish woman!" Responded the physician half coldly half soothingly. "What should ail me to harm this misbegotten and miserable babe?"
... The ability to sustain normal flight in the event of a multiengine failure.
... And it contains a detailed account of the horrors which ended in the extinction of one of the noblest and richest families of that city during the pontificate of clement viii in the year1599.
... L tracked you down.
He didn't secrete it into any of my bodily orifices.
... Because I got strep throat.
--Total volume of currency to be issued should be150billion yuan;
Total volume of currency to be issued should be 150-billion yuan.



一、二、三級批的層次   run the wholesale business on three tiers

一個接一個生   succeed one another

一體化展   integrative growth

之差   by a hairbreadth

出信號即   at the drop of a hat

明一專利原則   one invention; one patent principle

明一申請原則   one invention; one filing principle

一旦生延滯所有時間均計算延滯費   once on demurrage always on demurrage

一次給的獎金   lump-sum remuneration

一次蒸管式爐   once-through pipe still

一浪推一浪地展   surge ahead; surge forward

一種單缸動機   monkey motion engine

一般交流電機   ordinary AC generator

一般價   general offer

一般明概念說   theory of general concepts of invention

一般商品批商   general merchandise wholesaler

一觸即   hair trigger

一起生   goes together; went together

一部準備行法   partial deposit reseve method

萬一...生的話   on the off chance

萬事牌香煙   Mild Seven

萬事牌香煙   Mild Seven

萬向架固定式定向火箭動機   gimbaled rocket engine

三倍膨脹動機   n. triple expansion engine

動機   trimotor

性甲狀旁腺功能亢進症   tertiary hyperparathyroidism

三圓盤波生器   three disk wave generator由三個等直徑圓盤(一雙一單)對稱偏心設置於輸入軸的非積極控制式雙波生器。

三多一少的行格局   publication network with diversified economic sectors, multi-distribution channels, multiple forms of marketing and fewer circulation links

三官能引劑   trifunctional initiator

三引-轉移劑   trinifer