to answer

answer [a:nsә(r); (-) 'ænsәr]
    n.答案,回答,答辯,抗辯 v.回答說,答覆說,符合,反響,回應

agree [ә'gri:]
    vi.同意,贊成...的意見,與...一致,承認,適合 vt.同意


A tiny population of the world's most endangered species of rhino has been found in malaysia's eastern sabah state on borneo island giving hope the animals can be saved the wwf conservation group said.
So that I may forget "replied the tippler.
To seek the answer to this mystery nasa has launched five satellites aboard a delta rocket from florida to train their instruments on the northern and southern lights.
To search out these answers I created raised-line drawings of five different wheels depicting spokes with lines that curved bent waved dashed and extended beyond the perimeter of the wheel.
Why can the obverse side that the supermarket controls silver bar give black to come with hard thing picture? Why is its opposite not ok?? Request to solve! Thank!
The following questions are based on the occupancy rate for july.
A native or inhabitant of sumatra.
A universe of ineffable gaudiness spun itself out in his brain while the clock ticked on the wash-stand and the moon soaked with wet light his tangled clothes upon the floor.
One day the teacher inquired peter: "how much is four minus four?" Peter was tongue-tied.
Sometime within that afternoon the radioman warned amelia she would be encountering strong winds.he asked her if she would take another route.there was no reply.
A boy came up with one molar solution conjecturing that the tooth fairy builds entire tooth houses.
And they answered that they could not tell whence it was.
The strong gravitational field of a neutron star provides the answer.
But his lord in answer said to him you are a bad and unready servant; if you had knowledge that I get in grain where I did not put seed and make profits for which I have done no work
And his master answered and said to him evil and slothful slave you knew that I reap where I did not sow and gather where I did not winnow.



一事不再理辯   autrefois attaint

一開始的辯   primary allegation

一般辯   general replication

三應器   trisponder

不予覆   no-answer

不作覆   make no reply

不作辯   stand mute

不回的被調查戶   nonresponding household

不擬辯   nolo contendere

不易回的問題   good question

不期報地作好事   throw my bread upon the water; throw our bread upon the waters; thrown our bread upon the water

應   non acceptance

不認罪辯   plea of not guilty

不適宜辯   unfitness to plead

兩次辯   double plea

為了回   in answer to

為了覆   in reply

覆   in answer to

書信詢   correspondence reply

書報   requite with

書面覆   reply by writing

書面辯   contentions in writing

書面質詢覆   interrogatory answer

交換起訴書或辯書   exchange of pleading

交替應   alternate acknowledge

交通管制應器   traffic control transponder

代表...回   reply for

以...報   repay with

以...方式予以回   reply with

以...方式作   respond by