to punish
    to penalize

punish [pʌniʃ]

penalize [pi:nәlaiz]


He was penalized for a foul on the striker eg a free kick was awarded to the striker's team.
He was penalized for time-wasting.
He suffered for his offence.
Clare held out tender protecting arms and together they wandered through the untrodden ways like two children---the world and its retribution quite forgot.
He always finds a way to wriggle out of punishment.
To help albert reimburse himself leo allowed him to proclaim a plenary indulgence throughout germany.the faithful were asked to make gifts for the rebuilding of st peter's in rome.
To help albert reimburse himself leo allowed him to proclaim a plenary indulgence throughout germany.the faithful were asked to make gifts for the rebuilding of st peter's in rome though albert was to keep part of the money.
In order to accommodate the needs of controlling unit crimes eff ectually and carry out the principle of the responsibility in accord with crime the author brings out the idea of sett ing up independent penalty systemof unit crime.
To reprimand or punish severely.
The laws penalize local councils that do not follow central government directives.
A cold knot came to my middle right where that gun was pointed. I knew now he wasn't running from any speeding ticket.from the sound of that siren the police car was right on our tail.
An impatient democrat-controlled us congress would dismiss the dialogue as a meaningless talking shop and could reintroduce shelved tariff-raising measures to punish china for its failure to appreciate its currency or reduce its trade surplus with the us.
Surrounded by phlegethon the fiery river no criminal could ever hope to escape from its punishment.
An officious traffic warden had decided to give me a parking ticket.
After party b has discharged its surety liability according to this contract it shall be entitled to request party a to pay back all the money that party b has paid in substitute for party a plus the expenses incurred in realizing its right of subrogation and in addition party a shall pay to party b the interests thereof equivalent to that of bank loan of the same period and the penalty interests as well as a lump sum default fine as much as% of the substitute money.



一定要受處   be for the high jump

一罪不二   autrefois convict; Nemo bis punitur pro eodem delicto. No one is punished twice for the same offense.

一般款   conventional penalty

不受處   get-off

不受處的   scot free

不受懲地   with impunity

不懲孩子   spare the rod

不能以款替代的徒刑   imprisonment without the option of a fine

原則   doctrine of dual punishments

責任說   dual punishment liability theory

嚴厲懲   came down hard on; come down hard on; tar and feather

嚴格處規則   iron rule

為...受到懲   paid for

為...而款   fine for

亂處   mete out unjustified penalties; unjustified penalties

款   mete out unjustified fines; arbitrary fines; unjustified fines

交通管理行政處   administrative punishment concerning traffic control

人身   personal punishment; punishment of person; personal sanction

從嚴處   punish with severity; severely punish

從輕處   deal with leniently; give a lesser punishment

從輕治安處   lighter punishment in public security

從重處   give a heavier punishment;; heavier punishment

從重治安處   heavier punishment in public security

以拘代   replace punishment by detention; substitute detention for penalties

以牙還牙式處   talion; talio

代刑   substitute fines for criminal punishment

代沒   substitute fines for confiscation

代稅   substitute fines for tax payments

以自由勞動償付金制   system of paying fines by way of free labor

價格管理行政處   administrative penalty on price control