ridge [ridʒ]
    n.背脊,山脊,屋脊,山脈,犁壟 v.起皺,成脊狀延伸,翻土作壟

crest [krest]
    n.鳥冠,盔上的裝飾(如羽毛),頂部,頂峰,浪頭 vi.到達絕頂 vt.加以頂飾

apex [eipeks]


In addition the article study the stress distribution in the dentalwith different height of alveolar bone in post crown to comprehend the relationship between the support constitution and.
Method: the clinical data ct scan and cerebral angiography of56cases with the sphenoid ridge meningioma were retrospectively studied which were collected during a peroid of20years in our hospital.
Almost heaven west virginia blue ridge mountains shenandoah river.
The incidence of hip bone dysplasia was54% showing the thinness of ischium and pubis branches the upward lifting of ischium and pubis branches the unregular change of arcuate line and the decreasing of iliac crest height.
Neural crest induction and differentiation.
There are many varieties of kimono: the long-sleeved gorgeous kinds worn by geisha or young girls the formal kimono stamped with the wearer's family crest and worn on ceremonial occations; kimono for men and kimono for children.
The sensory may be differentiated into ciliated receptor cells with4-8shortly tubular cilia arised from the top of each cell and microvilus arised from the c ellular tops.the mucaus cells are sphere or rod.
Under transmission electron microscope rer and golgi complex dilatation chondriosome swell and ridge disappearance could be observed on cells of stomach epithelium mucosa of p.robusta collected from heavy pollution area.
Electron microscopic studies revealed broken mitochondria crista and decreased positive reaction granules of sdh in guinea pigs of15s pinching group after15days which recovered basically after30days.
The maximum draw stress located on the lingual apex while the maximum compressive stress located on the lingual crest of the ridge.
The most reliable method is barium meal radiography if the stomach is little the turn connects a line under ji of two side qia can diagnose for gastroptosis.
Methods48cases with meningiomas confirmed by ct and mri were examined with the3d-cta from december2001to december2004.tumors were located in parasaittal and falcine for17cases 12cases in sphenoidal 7cases in olfactory groove 6cases in tentorial 4cases in parasellar 2cases in the cerebellopontine angle.
Conclusion: wrinkled palm blunted atd angle irregular ridge abnormal pattern of palmar are characteristic dermatoglyphic features of schizophrenic patients.
Pheochromocytoma is a neoplasm of neural crest origin arising in the adrenal medulla.
Preculture decreased the degree of vacuolation and the cristae mitochondriale became well developed.



三角   triangular ridge, triangular crest

上頜中切牙牙槽頂點   superior prosthion, SPr

下頜中切牙牙槽頂點   infradentale, Id

乳突上   supramastoid crest

人中   philtrum ridge

內側   medial crest

內側髁上   medial supracondylar ridge

內斜   internal oblique ridge

  crista dividens拉)

前庭   vestibular crest

唇弓   ridge of labial arch, ridge of Cupid bow

唇頸   labiocervical ridge

  cingulum, basal ridge

壺腹   crista ampullaris拉)

壺腹支援細胞   supporting cell

外側髁上   lateral supracondylar ridge

大結節   crest of greater tubercle

室上   supraventricular crest

小結節   crest of lesser tubercle

尿生殖   urogenital ridgeurogenital ridge

尿生殖系膜   urogenital mesentery

尿道   urethral ridge, urethral cresturethral ridge, urethral crest

  eye brow=ridge)

上型室間隔缺損   supracristal ventricular septal defect

上平面   supracristal plane

下型室間隔缺損   infracristal ventricular septal defect

帽敏度測量法   cupulometry

帽沉石病   cupulolithiasis

數   ridge count

線   ridge line