ought to

should [ʃed]

ought [ɔ:t]
    aux.(~ to [verb] ) 應當,應該

probably [prɔbәb(ә)li]


Verrazano an italian about whom little is known sailed into new york harbor in1524and named it angouleme.
Jonathan hee 15 and michael tran 16 attend the same suburban high school montgomery blair in silver spring md. outside washington.
"16.the Corporation shall not assign underlet part with possession or otherwise dispose of the said land or any part thereof or any interest therein or enter into any agreement so to do for a period in excess of3years without the consent in writing of the director of lands:"
This machine is mainly suitable for the samming process of sheep blue wet skin and pig blue wet skin less than too large in width after tanning.through samming of this machine the moisture content of skin is approximately50% after samming the pig skin may be put into next process for accurately splitting then the sheep skin may be shaved after rolling wood flour the whole piece of skin pass through the machine once operation is convenitent and productivity is higher.
In1874 a young german carl wernicke found another different area of the left hemisphere now known as wernicke's area.the damage to wernick's area will result in speech comprehension deficit.
In1890the supreme court upheld it.
For this work rontgen received the nobel prize in physics the first one in1901.
A woman by the name of sonora smart dodd thought of the idea for father's day while listening to a mother's day sermon in1909.
As a professor at the university of southern california in the late1960s and early1970s marburger did research in theoretical physics on the study of quantum electronics and nonlinear optics and co-founded the university's center for laser studies.
It was removed from the market in1961after it was associated with an epidemic of severe birth defects: phocomelia and amelia.
China was elected a member of the human rights commission at the first regular session of the un economic and social council and has been a member ever since.
This study was carried out in zhejiang province from1986to1990.the results showed that trichogramma dendrolimi matsumura began activities in late march and overwintered as pupa in the eggs of dendrolimus punctatus walker and d.latipennis walker during early october to november.the wasp was found in forest the year round and its population peak coincided with the egg period of d.
In november1999 the foundation co-sponsored with the santa monica california museum of flying a veterans day celebration that saluted second world war airmen who fought in the china burma and india theaters of operation.
1management Of the ocs shall be conducted in a manner which considers economic social and environmental values of renewable and nonrenewable resources and the potential impact of oil and gas exploration on other resource values and the marine coastal and human environments.
"2.3cover Material where used shall be of good quality synthetic material or pre-shrunk cotton material free of admixture of sizing or other foreign matter."



不去做幹的事   sit on one''s hands

不應瞭解到   it should not be realized that

採納證據   evidence improperly accepted

停止對案提出證據   rest the case

受理案法院的法律   the law of the court seized of the case

在發行國境外的國貨幣   external currency

在應做的時刻   at the right moment

情況下   in this case

  should; ought to

...了   due for

瞭解到   it be realized that; it can be realized that; it may be realized that; it must be realized that; it should be realized that; it will be realized that; it would be realized that

徵稅   be liable to a tax

報告的火災   reportable fire

是   be supposed to be

有   there should be

撥入帳戶   channelled into the accountCF)

根據法院判決銀行才能提供的行客戶帳戶情況   bank disclosure

...的時候   high time to

  have it coming; serve right

開始幹   go to it

認為應   have the grace to

  have need to; that same; these same; this same; those same

...的時候了   it is high time to

付的   owing

受譴責   bear the blame

受責備   be to blame

地區地形和地質   topographic and geological survey of the area

地區地震活動性   seismicity of the region

是時候了   it is time

死   go to hell