to yield
    to permit
    to let sb do sth

yield [ji:ld]
    v.出產,生長,生產 vi.(~ to)屈服,屈從 n.產量,收益

permit [pә'mit]
    n.通行證,許可證,執照 v.許可,允許,准許

let [let]
    vt.假設,出租,允許,排放,讓...進入(或通過),妨礙 vi.出租,(工程等)被承包 n.出租屋,障礙


Early title hopes are quickly abandoned after renault's car proves uncompetitive.
George harrison fell under the spell of indian music in the mid-1960s and let this influence his contributions to beatles albums sometimes replacing his guitar with an indian sitar.
The boss had narrow squeak last night in his office his spooning with a girl clerk was almost found out by his wife.
This is "mind-cleansing pond" with a grass-stone base on which a lotus made of white marble visitors may wash their hands in the pond and make their soul and heart cleaning and pure according to buddhism.
7.yield To pedestrians in crosswalks.
83.even More shocking is the fact that the number and rate of imprisonment have more than doubled over the past twenty years and recidivism------that is the rate for rearrest------is more than60percent.
Members of the working party welcomed china's decision to bind tariffs for all products in its schedule on market access for goods.this action would increase the certainty and predictability of this aspect of china's trade regime.members also noted the substantial unilateral tariff reductions made in many sectors by china in recent years.
Act endues us a sapiential key for us to turn on more wider work space and go along conservation education work till forever.
Beast is a simulation program that enables skf engineers to simulate the detailed dynamics inside a bearing.
Bootb gives you the possibility to get additional services that will free your time and unearth creative power.
Dna microarrays are glass slides on which all the genes in an organism are represented by a pattern of minute dots each one representing a different gene.
First emma leaves now sam's got me doing spring-cleaning.
Ham radio control libraries-the ham radio equipment control libraries allow you to write amateur radio equipment control programs for transceivers which use cat or similar computer interfaces for control.
The mpg holds shares in some of them bringing an additional value created through tt and licensing.
Paul this is unacceptable.



一攬子轉   package transfer

一般與   general assignment; general grant

不准轉   not negotiable

不准轉的支票   not negotiable check

不到時候不露面   under wraps

不割   nonalienation

不動產的轉   demise

不動產與人,不動產贈與人   feoffor

不動產與手續   conveyancing

不動產與證書經辦人   conveyancer

不可與   inalieanability; inalienable; nonassignable

不可與的權利   inalienable right

不可轉   crossing not negotiable; non negotiable; nonnegotiable

不可轉信用證   nontransferable letter of credit; unassignable letterof credit

不可轉單據   non negotiable document

不可轉複式運送單據   nonnegotiable multimodal transport documents

不可轉抄本   nonnegotiable copy NNC)

不可轉提單   nonnegotiable bill of lading BL); flat bill of lading

不可轉提單副本,不能提貨的提單副本   nonnegotiable copy bill of lading

不可轉支票   not negotiable cheque

不可轉的   non transferable; nontransferable

不可轉的義務   nonassignable duty

不可轉的單據   nonnegotiable document

不可轉的國庫券   nonnegotiable treasury bond

不可轉的收據   non negotiable receipt

不可轉的期票   nonnegotiable note

不可轉的權利   nonassignability of right

不可轉的票據,不可轉信用工具   nonnegotiable instrument

不可轉的背書票據   nonnegotiable endorsement

不可轉的證券   non negotiable securities