surname Chou

surname [sә:neim]
    n.姓 v.用姓稱呼

chou [dʒәu]
    n.周 n.甘藍,心愛的人


They have magic shows flying trapeze arts tightrope walking and even the clowns.
He attempted to smother up a scandal about his family.
He tried lecturing in california again with great success in the style of zany inconsequence.
She has the remains for really remarkable ugliness.
A seedy district; the seamy side of life; sleazy characters hanging around casinos; sleazy storefronts with... dirt on the walls-seattle weekly; the sordid details of his orgies stank under his very nostrils-james joyce; the squalid atmosphere of intrigue and betrayal.
That probably grew up torturing little animals.
An ugly weedy pimply little brute.
Some americans are making every effort to uglify china.
... He called harlequin and punchinello and said:
The life that was to make his soul would mar his body.he would become dreadful hideous and uncouth.
Is this blatant electioneering as the liberals'critics argue? Maybe.after all this is the second major announcement on immigration the troubled minority government has made in as many weeks.
Between channels blasting out voluptuous bollywood love stories and pop videos an endless stream of news channels dissect the latest political scandals and debauched lifestyles of the rich and famous.
In a foreign land he always felt that he was a rootless stranger therefore in reality he belittled himself and restrained his emotions.
Somewhere on the fringe of this unlovely town lay the ruined caravan-city of merv lodestar of the silk road for two thousand years and capital of the gifted and tragic seljuk turks: a rich city sometimes cultivated and benignly powerful which had nurtured its heterogeneous citizens in a common passion for trade.
The true intention of making bao-jia involved in the autonomy was to consolidate country power.in fact the autonomy was just a fig leaf.



式鹽   belit

惡報文   nastygram

惡現象   vile practices; vile social evils

的   unsightly

行   ugly deed

行罪   infamous crime

  make an ass of

傳播聞者   scandal-monger

  made a show of herself; make a show of ourselves

  family skeleton

小丑   zany

當眾出   made an exhibition of themselves

當場出   make a spectacle of herself; make a spectacle of himself; make a spectacle of myself; make a spectacle of oureselves; make a spectacle of themselves; make a spectacle of yourself

扮丑角   act the fool; play the fool; play the fool with

揭露事   blew the lid off; blow the lid off; blown the lid off

有一段史的女人   woman with a past

登載聞和雜談的報刊   scandal sheet

社會惡現象   social evil phenomena