horizontal tablet or inscribed board
    specified number or amount

forehead [fɔrid; (-) 'fɔ:rid]

horizontal [hɔri'zɔnt(ә)l]

tablet [tæblit]

inscribed [in'skraibd]

board [bɔ:d]
    n.木板,(供特殊用途的)木板,甲板,膳食費用,會議桌,部 vt.用板蓋上,包飯,提供膳食,上(船、飛機等)

specified ['spesifaid]

number [nʌmbә(r)]
    n.數,數字,數量,號碼,算術,詩,韻律 v.遍號碼,共計...,計入,計算,算入


To meet additional demand the council obtained a further grant of$ 20million from the ugc to enable a further exercise to be conduced in the triennium for the crc scheme.
Solving for e determines the voltage required to provide the wattage output desired.this assumes a nominal resistance.
The following chart shows the recommended fuse size for the maximum heater wattage.the maximum wattage and rated voltage are shown on the heater data plate.
I.any corporate bond applying for being listed in this bourse after the bonds transactions rules comes into force shall be registered under the holder's securities account in shanghai securities market before listing.after it is listed for transactions an investor or member shall report the securities account when making the transaction reporting and this bourse will exercise front terminal control over the tradable bond balance in the securities account.
Classes and amounts of securities loaned each day.
Any process in which an atomic or nuclear system acquires an additional particle.
Between1988and1998 the net output or value-added of the services sector grew strongly by an annual average of12per cent in value terms.
We shall of course refund to you the premium upon receipt of your debit note or if you like you may draw on us at sight for the amount required.
Some events pulled in extraordinary money:$ 1m for crashing over13single-deckers in london$ 6m for the snake river plunge.
With a blood saturation of10% to20carbon monoxide a tighness across the forehead and a slight headache are the only sensory changes observed.
Same amount missing from the bank teller.
Similar to moonfish but with eyes high on the truncated forehead.
Middle class union urged the government to reduce fuel prices and increase personal tax allowances.
Midstream rule changes.there were dramatic discoveries in superfund's early years valleys filled with chemical drums unfenced dump sites littered with explosives fissures where toxins oozed out of the earth.
The gist: the announcement of allocation results for8products of panama tariff rate quota for lot no.961of year2007.



一周銷售總   cumulative weekly sales

一定期限內的投資限   capital rationing

一次性大信貸   single lump sum credit

一美元的定序列償付   uniform series that amount to ¥

一般政府消費總   total consumption of general government

丈量定   measurement rate

上一部門轉移成本   cost from previous department

上市股票時價總   aggregate value of listed stock

上年餘   balance of last year

上年餘,上年結轉餘   balance brought forward from last year; balance of last year

上年度應稅損益的沖回   carryback

上年結轉餘   balance brought forward from last year

上期結轉金   amount brought forward

上繳利潤定包乾   contracted responsibility of profit-turnover quotas

下年度應稅損益的沖轉   carryfoward

突   mandibular prominence,mandibular process又稱"下頜隆起"。

不受免賠限制的水漬險   with average irrespective of percentage WAIOP)

不定保單,不定值保險單   unvalued policy

不定保險單   open policy

不定公司債   open-end issue bonds

不定契約   open-end contract

不定年金   variable annuity

不定投資公司   open-end investment company

不定永久經費   indefinite permanent appropriation

不定的   open-ended

不打折扣的保險免賠   nondeductible franchise

不扣減免賠,不能扣減的免賠   nondeductible franchise

不等現金流量   uneven cash flow

不能扣除的免賠   non deductible franchise

不計列應稅所得   exclusion from taxable income