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T cell


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When applied to elisa antibody fab exhibited good spectfic reactivity with ril-2r antibody competitive inhibition assay invitro indicated that antibody fab can compete with il-2for binding il-2r in activated t cell surface.as a result the activation and proliferationof t cells were inhibited and inhibition percentage exceeded90%.
A small glandular organ that is situated behind the top of the breastbone consisting mainly of lymphatic tissue and serving as the site of t cell differentiation.the thymus increases gradually in size and activity until puberty undergoing involution thereafter.
This lasted nearly10years of research found that rheumatoid arthritis peptide antigen specific t cells and the process of mutual recognition can be changed constitutive antigen peptide competitive inhibition to prevent the lower reaches of autoimmune responses and thus reduce the inhibition of wind wetlands immune and inflammatory arthritis injury.
Regulation of aged t cell function by cd137and cd28
Cd+ 4cd+ 25regulatory t cells is an important subpopulation which can actively mediate immunological tolerance to autoantigen in organism and inhibit anti-tumor immunological response although its mechenism of immunosupression in vivo is not clear.
The significance of abnormal distribution of t cell subsets in the pathogonesis of aiha is discussed.
Superantigen sea has great ability to active t cells b7.1molecules can provide the second signal for t cell activation and play a very important role during the process of antigen presenting and recognizing.
Eric simpson and colleagues assessed the safety and efficacy of efalizumab a monoclonal antibody that blocks t cell activation and migration in10patients with severe atopic dermatitis.
Methods: 53children with rrti were observeed by ig and t cell subset assay 31healthy children were controls.
Results show that cya exerted marked inhibitory effect on pha-induced t cell proliferation if the drug was added to the cells at the same time of mitogen stimulation or at the early phase of the process and there was a dose-dependent inhibition of~ 3h-tdr incorporation;
Conclusion: aire gene does not affect the production of cd4~+ cd25~+ regulatory t cells.
Donor cd8+ t cells expanded to a significantly greater extent in recipients of ccr5ko vs wt control cells.
Persons who are deficient in t cell functions however tend to succumb to infections by fungi and viruses.
A lymphocyte that derives from the thymus and is the precursor of a t cell.
Interferon is a relatively effective agent in treatment of cutaneous t cell lymphoma especially in early stage.

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