In software product evaluation, the totality of features and characteristics of a produc
In software product evaluation, the action of applying a software quality metric to a specific software product.
Gamestar china covers game reviews game culture and testing and evaluation of computer hardware that is relevant with pc games with lively layout.
At last the rural electric network alteration evaluation system is developed using the programming language delphi.
In addition the advantage of fwd deflection bowel and fwd application in pavement design and evaluation are illustrated by examples.
Ascot is a good method in severity evaluation of trauma.
Evaluating the strength of fae weapons is supposed to include two aspects namely the evaluation of the power content of fae weapons and that of their damage effects.
Wel-ten610cf steel is one of low crack sensitivity and high strength steel produced by nippon steel corporation.using the data collected in weld ability test of37mm wel-ten610cf steel for the first set of domestic10000m3nature gas spherical tank a synthetic evaluation to cold crack sensitivity of wel-ten610cf steel was given it can be reference to preparing welding procedure.
The three mentioned index are applied in the comprehensive evaluation of drought resistance of8popular varieties of trees which resulted in the following sequences from the strongest to weakest antidrought capability: black locust hankow willow shrubby falseindigo treeofheaven ailanthus chinese white poplar siberian elm chinese ash common seabuchthorn.
From the need for eccm performance evaluation of single radar development and appraisal a comprehensive evaluation criterion of radar eccm performance based on electronic countermeasure effect matrix is suggested through analysis of final effect of blanketing jamming and deception ecm on the radar operation performance.
The elastic wave test is an effective method for the nondestructive evaluation of concrete structures.
A more subtle cause of side effects is the evaluation of properties and other implicit function calls in managed code.
Starting from the practice of benxi steel co.s mine the factors that affect the metal recovery of single low intensity magnetic separation technology and its relationship with the quality of iron concentrates are presented and the evaluation is made on the concentration efficiency of this technology.the relationship is operationable and is of guidance significance to the production practice and can be used to provide a basic for making the correct policy fer the concentration production.
It is very important to note the systematic institutionalize and scientific consider of the university evaluation.
However evaluation results and practical experience have shown that afr technologies are currently far from mature.