Groups of fans were milling about in the streets after the match.
A test of the mineral quality or content of an ore by milling.
The milling machine was firmly chocked up.
Hominy prepared by milling to pellets of medium size.
2.mg-ni Binary and mg1-xmxni ternary alloys prepared by high-energy ball milling has a large discharge capacity and easy be kinetic at room temperature.
Ah automatic horizontal milling and boring machine have thoroughly changed the original operation modes of conventional boring machines.it is a highly effective machine suitable for machining in various industries.
Gdc lathe adopts a gantry frame with vertical columns and crossbeam assembled and fixed by steel plates three axes driven by high precision ball screws and accurate straight guideways installed at x and y axes which ensures the best drilling and milling performance.
This product is used in lathe milling machine boring lathe electric hand tool and woodworking machine etc.
After blanting resin abrasive cloth into small blocks glue them into a disc it can be equipped on electronic grinder or wind-driven tools so as to buffing and dry milling functions of inner holds or elbow pipes of metals work pieces.
The machine head can be adjusted for angle cutting and milling flutes to have the precise angles and round connecting piece.
Machining center of this series is developed by world leading technologies and equipped with a b axle dual-swing angle milling head which makes it suitable for effective and perfect surface machining of complex titanium and aluminum alloy parts used in aerospace industry.the product is designed mainly for machining such parts used in aerospace energy vessel mold machining and other industries as complex plates discs shells large and small sized box-type parts.
This fractionating process by kernel thickness improved uniformity among grains and applicability of processing product of rice and the relative characteristics on fractionating process to rice grains could be applied in drying storing and milling with better the applicability.
The company owns accurate inside and outside round grinder calipers grinder flat grinder the grinder and finish machining equipment and a screw whorls such as numerically controlled lathe milling machine treating centre process a line unintentionally.
As with the rest of the colour stains with the same base it should not be milled with the glaze as this would cause a loss of intensity; it is preferable to add the colour stain when the milling is finalized.
With key equipment such as pentahedron machining center guideway grinder horizontal machining center cnc milling and boring machine gear grinding machine with worm grinding wheel cnc bender cnc punch three-coordinate measuring machine etc. main parts like large component box spindle etc.have achieved internally advanced level which realizes specialized production pattern of main parts of cnc lathe including large components gear box spindle steel guideway and cnc system.