[prәuses; (-) 'prɔses]
    n.過程,作用,方法,程式,步驟,進行,推移 vt.加工,處理


A program in execution, a process is an active entity, which can cause things to occur, as opposed to a p
The process of inserting meaningless characters, such as null characters, zeros, or spaces, into the unused portions of a field, record, or fixed- length block of data.
A process of dynamic relocation in which contiguous segments are moved to one end of the memory to combine all unused storage at the other end.
An address that usually tells a processor to use a service routine.
Offload control protocolprotocol ( tcp/ ip) is a task that relieves the main processor from having to service interrupts to the kernel for protocol handling.
A single fibrous process.used of a neuron.
If the mortgage registration or pledge registration in industrial and commercial real estate land vehicle vessel equipment and other personal property share equity trademark right and patent registration as involved in guarantee business carried out by guarantee agencies can meet the relevant requirements the registration authority shall handle the process of registration in accordance with the guaranty law of the people's republic of china.
We are willing to make own contribution to letting china become the world processing plant in21st century.
"Cryonics: the process of freezing and storing the body of a diseased recently deceased person to prevent tissue decomposition so that at some future time the person might be brought back to life upon development of new medical cures."
"Ferredoxin: an iron-containing protein present in green plants and certain anaerobic bacteria that functions in electron transport reactions in biochemical processes such as photosynthesis."
"User group policy loopback processing mode""
"Decoration: the act process technique or art of decorating."
... Of dying in the process I guess I can say candidly.
The main results are as follows: 1.the archimedes line is introduced in this paper as the center axes of the pushing processing die which will reduce the deformation and be prone to the metal flow uniformity from concave to convexity which can identify the aim of wall thickness uniformity which can eliminate increase of inner wall thickness and decrease of outer wall thickness in the deformation of pipe bending.
6.the Main projects of construction under process and theirand the investment of construction in process and withdrawal method of drawing provision for diminution in value.