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45-54 Age at first birth chest x-ray exposure and menarche;
In the case of a polychromatic source in x-ray tict the phenomenon of compton photon scattering in material takes place.
Ch foam material is filled in the cavities in order to improve planar degree of shock wave driven by x-ray radiation.wedge-shaped aluminum samples are used to measure time-space streaking images of optical signals from the shock wave.and then the velocity and pressure of the shock wave is obtained.the radiation temperature is obtained by using the scaled relations between veloctiy of shock wave and radiation temperature.
The pellet was studied and analyzed by x-ray fluorescence spectrometer and the working conditions were optimized.the method is fast and precise and meets the requirement.
The x-rays are sent off into space before the matter crosses the schwarzschild radius and crashes into the singularity.thus we can see this x-ray emission.
In an earlier paper we presented that sem-edxrf can be realized and the idealer primary x-ray beam was achieved in a scanning electron microscope.
These categories include many individual high-cost items such as ms nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometers x-ray equipment and electron microscopy and spectroscopy setups.
An x-ray representation of blood vessels made after the injection of a radiopaque substance.
Medical electrical equipment-characteristics of digital x-ray imaging devices-part1: determination of the detective quantum efficiency.
Corrosion analysis of economizer tube is investigated by sem and eds x-ray etc with the condition of boiler economizer.
In this paper the definitions of soil macropore and macropore flow their types characteristics generation mechanisms and experimental methods in laboratory and field were introduced and the research progress in their determination techniques including dye tracing slice up penetration curve tension infiltration apparatus x-ray ct scanning and radar exploration were summarized.
The principles of differential scanning calorimetry electron microscope nuclear magnetic resonance and x-ray were introduced in this paper together with their applications in oil quality control development direction of investigation on oil quality control was also forecasted here.
Now the most common standard to characterize the mechanical property of a surface of metallic material is the half width of the x-ray and micro hardness.
Finally due to the rapid rotation of the neutron star or the evolution of the companion the infall of matter stops the x-ray emission declines and the neutron star emerges as a radio-emitting millisecond pulsar.
I had an x-ray examination of my teeth yesterday.