In this paper the various spectral elements of500hpa height in the southern hemisphere arecalculated using the500hpa grid point height from may1972to december1987 including themonthly mean circulation zonal kinetic spectrum meridional kinetic spectrum transport of thedisturbance angular momentum and the conversion rate from eddy kinetic energy to mean kineticenergy under the condition of geostrophic approximation.
Isentropic zonal average formalism and the near-surface circulation?
The humus properties and mineral composition of clay have the distinct features of zonality.
Results show that the introduction of this scheme improves predictions of zonal temperature and wind fields in tropical troposphere and simulates better the total eddy angular momentum flux.
The global zonal mean hadley circulation of both hemispheres show obvious positive relation with sst of equator especial the east pacific ocean of the equator and the indian ocean and negative related with sst of the eastern ocean of australia and sst of northern pacific ocean.
If chronic hepatic passive congestion continues for a long time a condition called cardiac cirrhosis may develop in which there is fibrosis bridging between central zonal regions as shown below so that the portal tracts appear to be in the center of the reorganized lobule.
Subscripts z and e are for zonal and eddy components respectively.
Three-dimensional reactive flow in a complex annular combustor of ge-f101gas turbine was studied numerically using the zonal structured grids and fluent software.the rsm reynolds-stress turbulence model.the ebu-arrhenius turbulent combustion model and six-flux heat radiation model were applied to predict the real combustion flow in the combustor.
The first eigenvector of the base state displays a weak siberian high a robust atlantic high and intense zonal circulation while the second reveals a feeble aleutian low and a vigorous north pacific high.
The cause of formation of the gale and sandstorm in atumun-winter of2000in gansu corridor analysed by the weather and climate background synoptics and dynamic diagnose.the result shows that several gale and sandstorm events occur on the advantaged dynamic and thermodynamic conditions of upper-air pattern adjusting from zonal circulation to meridional circulation on the500hpa west siberian strong cold air rapidly moving southwardly and the heat low in mongolia powerfully development.
With zonal patched grid technology and second-order zonal solver method the numerical simulation on inlet complex flow field of solid rocket ramjet assisted range projectiles with different struts shapes was made at different mach numbers.
These geraniums have zonal marking on the leaves.
Validation of quasigeostrophic zonal mean flow responses to torques.